71. Sting like a bee


Without further ado …

First public outing was at the La Mesa Cars & Coffee.  A small crowd but always a fun time.  The orange Gremlin next to me was in immaculate condition and the orange is giving me thoughts …
The yellow and black/carbon make for a great contrasting pair.  I love this shot and view!
Even the red reflector on the taillight makes for a great contrast.
Before and after: Nio Green on top, Sulfur Yellow on bottom.  Yeah, I prefer the yellow too!

Before putting the car back together I applied 3M clear PPF to the area just behind the front wheel.  This vent opening gets a TON of debris thrown at it from the front tires.  Plastidip is pretty tough stuff but I didn’t want the rocks to tear it up so I had applied PPF in this location when the car was green.  Something I noticed when I removed the PPF from the green plastidip was that some of the green dye had transferred over to the PPF. This wasn’t really noticeable on the green car …

… but on the yellow, it’s much more noticeable!

The above photo shows what happened after I applied PPF to the Sulfur Yellow dip.  Some of the yellow dye seems to have transferred over into the PPF and there’s a visual difference in color between the dip and PPF’d sections.  I suspect with time, this will get worse – the yellow dip will fade and the PPF’d section won’t fade as quickly.  I believe this wasn’t as noticeable on the green car because the green was so dark, there wasn’t much of a color difference between the covered and uncovered sections.

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