77. Finding center


**Warning: Rant follows – I’ve been recently “upgraded” to WordPress’ latest editor which they call the “Block editor”; it’s total garbage.  The additional clicks required to add captions to images and the bugginess is enough to make me not want to write another blog entry, utter trash.  OK, rant off, I’ll figure this thing out.**

I’ve been having fun with the 3D printer and one of the things also on my to-do list was to replace the carbon fiber wheel centercaps I’d made with something a little different.  Here’s my attempt at making something useful with that 3D printer:

The RCR logo is a play on the Isle of Mann symbol.  Here’s the plain textured look …

… and a faux carbon weave I tried to create.

Side by side.  The center caps are held in place using the o-ring originally supplied by Forgestar to retain their own center caps.

I decided the plain is a better look.

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