75. Independence day

This post is just for fun since I’d taken some fun photos and wanted to post them.  With the July 4th holiday coming up I thought it would be a fun opportunity to take some photos of the car.  My iPhone photographer skills are lacking pretty hardcore but the phone does a nice job taking decent photos.

Start them young!
Ellie enjoys giving me a hand with the car whenever she can… Sometimes there’s such a thing as “too much” help … little distractions to keep her busy are helpful!
Apparently fireworks are a pretty big thing here so I stopped off at one of the local pop-up tents to get some incendiaries.  This was an attempt at a red/white/blue tribute but the blue smoker turned out to be a dud.  So to my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day!
Ellie’s become a bit obsessed with sparklers, we may have a pyro on our hands!
Some of our new neighbors really got into the spirit and lobbed a few of these bigger guys into the air, a fun evening!
I tried for an artistic angle … came out decent!
Not quite sure what I was going for here but think it’s a neat photo.
I particularly like the contrast between the dark blue sky and Sulfur yellow SLC.

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