73. Changes

Wow.  It’s been almost 10 months since my last update and so much has happened in that time!  We’re in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I hope this update finds everyone safe and healthy!

Apart from all the churn that the pandemic has caused, my own personal life has taken quite a turn.  At the start of 2020 I met up with some former colleagues and we got to chatting about the good ‘ole days and opportunities for even more excitement to come.  The net result of some late-night texts and a few phone calls had me and the family hopping on a plane to Colorado to meet up with some friends working on some cool tech.  They persuaded me (it wasn’t very difficult) to hop on board and in the span of just a few weeks my wife and I found ourselves back in Denver in search of a new home.  This was back in February before the pandemic really took off; we came across a house we liked and closed at the end of February – right in time for the pandemic to get into full swing.  We became stranded in San Diego (not exactly a bad thing), with me working remotely at a new company, trying to learn new names and faces while not making a fool out of myself.  Several months later and things began easing up enough we felt it was the right time to make the cross-country trek to our new home.

The largest UHaul I could find…
… and it wasn’t large enough!  We jammed and jammed but alas, we were forced to call a junk collector to come by the morning of our departure to load up what we couldn’t fit into the UHaul.  Ignore the propane tank and 5-gallon drum of acetone …
Found this on the side of the truck … lol!
You wouldn’t think the UHaul was “aerodynamic” based on this fill, thankfully gas prices have dropped substantially since leaving California!
We saw some interesting machines on the way …
My trusty cruising companion.
Bob and Mimi were kind enough to join us on the cross-country drive, volunteering to haul our overflow in their truck while towing the SLC.  The SLC got a LOT of attention on our drive; several instances of near rear-endings and people driving out of their lanes as they tried to get closer to the SLC.  It made for some hairy traffic!
Near the end of day 1, we came up to a brushfire which cut off access to our intended stop.  3.5 hours later and we were able to find an alternate stop for the evening.
Rain threatened during one of our stops.  I had a momentary freak-out as I’ve never tested my door seals to see if they’re *actually* water tight – so blue painter’s tape to the rescue for some temporary sealing assistance!
3 days later and we finally arrived at the new house – BONUS, I’ve upgraded to a 3-car garage, no more need for a lift to park the SLC.  It’s been amazingly liberating to not have to play musical cars just to get the SLC out onto the road; makes it much friendlier for daily use.
Here’s what the back yard looked like when we closed at the end of February …
… and here’s what waited for us when we arrived.  The weeds had completely overtaken the back yard and were taller than me!  (yeah, I’m short, but still …)
Turns out they have this thing called “weather” in Colorado … Ellie enjoying her first thunder and lightning storm.
We even caught a double rainbow!

So the search for new and interesting roads begins.  I didn’t really know where to go so I pulled open the Maps app on my phone and went West, in search of whatever road would take me towards that fluffy white stuff off in the distance.

This is such a cool view, with lots of promise!
First day of exploration and I felt compelled to pull over and enjoy the view.  I’m sure there are numerous amazing roads to explore, just need to find the time to do so!

OK, so that’s the 5-cent tour of my 2020 so far, more SLC content to follow as I’m able to scratch out a few minutes to update this stale site.

Some footage from a recent drive:

Thanks for visiting, I hope everyone continues to be safe and healthy while we navigate these unprecedented times!

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  1. Don Davis says:

    Sorry to see you go. Where am I going to go to sort out my SLC. But, Colorado is a really great place. Maybe I’ll have to make it a road trip.


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