60. Another SLC hits the streets


It seems like it’s customary for builders to put together a completion announcement and I haven’t done so yet.  So … here’s mine!

SLC Chassis #269 is officially complete.  You can read more about how I came to decide upon building an SLC in my very first post.

It seems like forever ago that my life changed so much.  In the time since, I’ve had an incredible time working on two hugely fulfilling projects all while being at home by 5:30PM every night to spend time with my family and see my daughter grow up.  Ellie has gotten to be quite the fire-cracker – she’s on the very steep part of the exponential slope for language and personality development and she keeps my wife and I on our toes!

I came across the SLC while watching a YouTube video and was intrigued.  What followed next was months of obsessive searching for any and all information I could find on the car.  I literally read every post in the SLC Clubhouse section of the GT40s site going back almost 10 years.

I had originally intended to build a “cookbook” SLC, keeping things as basic as possible.  Along the way I wandered quite a bit and ended up with a fair number of customizations.  Several options below will sound very similar to JBurer’s SLC (Allan’s #17 build).  While fine tuning the configuration for this car John and I communicated frequently and shared our ideas for what our visions of an “ultimate street/canyon SLC” should be.  When he or I disagreed with the other we would debate until we either agreed or agreed to disagree – we tended to agree more often than not.

Anyway, enough rambling – some details about the car as it stands today:


  • Orange gel coat, race tail
  • Type 3 hard anodized suspension
  • 20″ rear / 19″ front Forgestar CF10 wheels in gunmetal gray
  • 325/25/20 & 275/30/19 Michelin PSS tires
  • Carbon fiber center caps
  • Tilton pedal assembly
  • Brembo brake calipers powdercoated candy Orange
  • Dropped floor pan
  • Ramlift front lift kit
  • Street splitter w/optional tunnels
  • Revised door assembly for increased open angle
  • JMolleur roof tunnel
  • 1-pc windows w/ceramic tint by RDA auto glass & tint


  • LS376/525 crate motor tuned by Excelsior Motorsports
    • 450rwhp on prohub dyno
  • Improved racing oil pan w/scraper & baffle kit
  • Dirty Dingo AC compressor mount
  • Graziano V8 transaxle w/OEM axle heat shields
  • Audi R8 clutch assembly
  • LS7 exhaust manifolds
  • Ed Hanson exhaust system w/Vibrant mufflers & Corsa exhaust tips
  • Cerakote coated exhaust system
  • Accusump 3-qt accumlator
  • Improved racing thermostat oil cooler adapter
  • Earl’s 25-row engine oil cooler


  • RCR carbon fiber tub & roof panels
  • Tillet B5 carbon fiber/FRP seats
  • Schroth Profi-II 6-point harnesses
  • NRG quick release steering wheel hub adapter
  • Momo Eagle leather steering wheel (350mm)
  • Raceseng Slammer shift knob
  • Audi R8 gated shifter assembly
  • Customized dash painted w/Alsa soft touch
  • Door interior skins painted w/Alsa soft touch
  • Carbon fiber door trim & door cards
  • Carbon fiber shifter tunnel
  • Vintage air AC/heater system
  • More sound and heat blocker than imaginable!


  • RCR Carbon fiber rear wing w/CF end plates
  • RCR carbon fiber engine bay louvers
  • Carbon fiber hood, door, and roof accents
  • Carbon fiber rear intake scoop
  • APR carbon fiber GT3 mirrors
  • Fully ducted radiator discharge w/enlarged exit
  • Enlarged side intakes
  • Recontoured front and rear wheel wells
  • Full front and rear wheel well liners
  • IPCW smoked LED rear tail lights
  • LED center brake light
  • LED fog lights
  • Hella dual horns
  • Painted w/plastidip NiO green (for now)
    • Covered body panels painted in black base coat / clear coat
    • Underbody covered in U-Pol Raptor bedliner


  • Custom vehicle wiring harness / GM crate engine controller harness
  • Aim MXS Strada dash
  • Alpine iLX-107 stereo
  • Auto Vox X2 rear view mirror/monitor system
  • Blackvue 650s-truck dashcam system
  • Digital Guard Dawg iKey PKE system
  • Optima yellow top deep cycle battery
    • Hidden battery cut-off within driver’s reach

I intended to build this car for street / canyon duty and so far it’s been fantastic.  I have about 300 street miles thus far but I intend to pile on as many as I can – this will not be a show car/garage queen.  Total build time was approximately 12 months / 2400 hours – of course, the car won’t ever be “finished”.  John and I had a bet on when I would finish and I lost by about 1 year!  Almost the entire build was solo but I had some key assistance/contributions from friends, especially my father-in-law Bob.

A few photos from a recent shakedown drive:


No trip to Palomar is complete without a stop at Mother’s.

And a video to go along with today’s adventure.  Watch till the end or FF for a surprise … wait for it … wait for it …

Superlite SLC drive – Palomar – YouTube link

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